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Shabbos Mit Yiddish Nachas - Sefirah
Kippalive Israeli Acapella (CD)
Sefira Mit Yiddish Nachas (Acapella)
The Kumzitz Collection (MP3)The Kumzitz Collection (MP3)
Six 13 - Lights - Volume 8 (CD)
A.K.A. Pella 6: 2012 - The Year In Review
Shloime Kaufman Vocally Yours (CD)
The Vocal Collection 5 (CD)
Otzar Nigunei Sefira (USB)Otzar Nigunei Sefira (USB)
Zemiros Choir - Vocals By Zemiros (CD)
The Vocal Collection (CD)
The Vocal Collection 3 (CD)
The Vocal Collection 2 (CD)The Vocal Collection 2 (CD)
Chasidishe Sefirah Collection - 2 (CD)
Heimishe Gezangin 2 (CD)
The S'fira Album