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The Mitzvah Puppets
My First Shabbat Plush SetMy First Shabbat Plush Set
Children's Pillow - Shema - Girls
Streit's Sam the Dancing Matzo Man
Children's Pillow - Modeh Ani - Girls
My Soft Shabbat Set
Children's Pillow - Modeh Ani - Boys
Kopelle Doll and Backpack
Koppele Dancing Doll
Uncle Moishy DollUncle Moishy Doll
Plush Shofar 8"
The Pappalach Set - Tzaddik & Rasha
Mitzvah Puppets - Soldier
Mitzvah Puppets - King & QueenMitzvah Puppets - King & Queen
Mitzvah Puppets - Set of 4Mitzvah Puppets - Set of 4
Doll Nachman Sings Mode Ani
Doll Girl Sings Mode Ani
Doll Moishele Sings Mode Ani