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The Kichel Collection
Mimi's Moment: A NovelMimi's Moment: A Novel
Kids Speak 12
The Little Midrash Says Haggadah
Doodle War
Doodle War
Kidz Like U - Volume 3Kidz Like U - Volume 3
The Baker's Dozen: Ghosthunters! - Book 2
The Baker's Dozen: On Our Own - Book 1
Make Way For Faigy & Feivel
Kids Speak 13
The B.Y. Times: Batya's Search - Book 2
The B.Y. Times: Shani's Scoop - Book 1
Midnight Watch
The Dream (Expanded Edition)The Dream (Expanded Edition)
Kids Speak 11
The Little Midrash Says: Yehoshua
The Imposter: 1651-1669 (Expanded Edition)The Imposter: 1651-1669 (Expanded Edition)
The B.Y. Times: Twins In Trouble - Book 3
The Great Soap Explosion And Other StoriesThe Great Soap Explosion And Other Stories
The Baker's Dozen: Hey Waiter! - Book 8
Making the Grade
All For The Boss, Young Readers Edition
The Little Midrash Says: Shmuel A
The Little Midrash Says: Shoftim
Escape From The Belgium
The B.Y. Times Kid Sisters - Volume 4 - 6
The Little Midrash Says: Shmuel B
Bubby Karp Senior Detective 1Bubby Karp Senior Detective 1
Family Aguilar - Revised
The Count of Coucy And Portrait of Two FamiliesThe Count of Coucy And Portrait of Two Families
The Little Midrash Says: Melachim A
What Shevy ForgotWhat Shevy Forgot
Heart to Heart
Three Cheers for Madame Chamberlaine
The B.Y. Times: War! - Book 4

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