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Candlestick Tray: Mirror Lekovod Shabbos
Shabbos Tray: MirrorShabbos Tray: Mirror
Tray: Square - Silver PlatedTray: Square - Silver Plated
Tray: Oval - Silver PlatedTray: Oval - Silver Plated
Candlestick Tray: Silver Plated Large
Candlestick Tray: Silver Plated
Shabbos Tray: Glass With Handles
Tray: Mirror & Crushed Glass
Shabbos Tray: Glass With Handles
Candlestick Tray: Rectangle
Tray: Silver Plated Oval & Handles
Shabbos Tray: Glass Tulip Design - Brown
Candlestick Tray: Rectangle Gold Border
Candlestick Tray: Gold Border
Shabbos & Yom Tov Tray: Glass
Candlestick Tray: Glass With HandlesCandlestick Tray: Glass With Handles

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